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These images have been produced from various photos I have taken of the Jasper Place Curling Club; plus photos of some of the curling competitions which have taken place at the club; in addition to various objects which I have scanned. The images were downloaded to my computer and combined and manipulated in Adobe Photoshop in various ways to create what I feel are the interesting and unusual images which you see displayed around the club.

My initial concept for the images came about while helping Greg Dressler, the club ice technician, flood the curling ice. I was attending Grant MacEwan College as a fine art student and saw the wooden risers lined up along the walls as perfect painting pallets. I approached Cathy Craig, the club manager, with the idea of doing some paintings on the risers. Creating paintings on canvas was not feasible due to the time I had, but I was doing some digital images at school and thought that I could transfer that process to canvas. Through a long process of consultation with Cathy, I decided to produce ten images which could be displayed at the club.

The images which you see displayed on the risers and in the lounge are the result of many hours of working with the images and discussing the results with Cathy. I was attempting to produce works of art which would depict the game of curling in a more contemporary art context. In order to make the images unique to the Jasper Place Curling Club, the club logo appears at least once in each final image.

As I discussed this project with Cathy, I also put forth a proposal that perhaps there would be a way for the club to benefit financially from the images. After all, the club was providing me with an opportunity to display my art. Therefore, we have decided to offer copies of these art pieces for sale to members of the club, or anyone who would be interested in purchasing them. There will be 20 Limited Edition Signed copies of each image for sale. 

If you would be interested in purchasing any of the images and helping to support the Jasper Place Curling Club, please Contact Us for details.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the images as much as I have enjoyed producing them.

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14 photo(s) Updated on: September 21, 2015
  • Waiting
  • Lines of Play
  • Keep It Clean
  • Icemakers Delight
  • Hurry Hard
  • Holding the Line
  • Hit the Button
  • Fire and Ice
  • Dueling Deliveries
  • Curling Time
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